Foca MediaCenter


Connect with your local server by typing hist local ip and port and FocaMedia will remember it for you.


This is displayed once you start the aplication.

Browse your media

Easy, beautiful and intuitive

Browse your media

You can browse your movies and series with a short info about it.


Thousands of movies and have no clue about what to watch?.

No problem. Focamedia serves you with trailers and information about the movie or serie you want to watch

Info, trailers and more

What you watch every time you select a media.

Looking for something?

You type it, you get it.

Too much media?

FocaMedia can look for the media you want right away.

Just press the lens and type the name of the media you want.

How much do you have?

You can see a little info about your movies and series.

Just press the statistics section to get a brief resume of all of it.

Your media

The number, the hours and the size.